Saturday, March 1, 2008

Porn is Not Man’s Best Friend

What prevents female-male intimacy in relationships is self-centeredness, which men are encouraged all their lives to feed. And male-centered porn is one of the most potent ways they feed it.

The vast majority of porn is male-centered and focused on male orgasm and self-flattery. This kind of porn nurtures their isolation from women in their perceptions and thinking on sex, and as it influences their attitudes in relationships it eventually leads to their social isolation from real women.

However, the habit of porn hurts and fools them in the end, because they continue thinking and acting in self-centered ways that keep them oblivious to what women like myself want, both in sex and in social etiquette. So they become unsuccessful at preserving real relationships with women, who aren’t as non-existent as the women featured on the screen.

Despite their self-flattery that women vicariously enjoy sex through men’s orgasms, a woman continues to want what she wants. Real Women continue to seek their own pleasure, that is to say, Women who get Real. And if men are unprepared to follow and relate to female pleasure then they remain unsuccessful at gaining and keeping female attention. It is their loss, unfortunately, as we women don’t get anything out of being with selfish men.

Male self-centered thinking and behavior can’t take away a woman’s wants or prevent her from getting them met elsewhere. It can only blind men from seeing how they can make themselves relevant to women.