Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Attraction is More Powerful than Intimidation

I believe the life-purpose of men is to be 'caretakers' of the creation, (ecosystems and its life forms), along with women, but that in the context of human relationships men are designed to serve women's needs and happiness, or their pleasure. Women are not designed to serve men's pleasure, but to be their 'helper', because women are natural visionaries of 'the big picture', long term goals, and spiritual principles of wisdom and quality of life, -even of successful mystical union with God; so they are productive leaders, and men instinctively follow them.

Women's sensual desirability is the physical power that women are equipped with to evoke men's submission of will to a woman, hopefully one who provides trustworthy and demonstrative spiritual and social leadership for them and the community.

Extra muscle mass is the physical power that men are equipped with for serving women's interests and needs physically, and accompanying them as caretakers of the earth. Men's brawn is usually used by this culture to intimidate others through fear, with threat of physical destruction, into submitting to their will. That is a physical power that can be used for good or for 'evil'.

Women's sensual and physical desirability demonstrates the other principle of spiritual power over others, which is the evocation of desire, and ironically overpowers the physical mass of the male physique by disarming their will to harm, and evoking from them the will to please, and nurture, and gain approval from the one who carries this physical force that impresses them so much.

Thus, attraction eventually overpowers intimidation, giving rise to the saying "make love not war".

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nEthing4Her said...

It is so clear to You, Ms., and You elucidate it so well. It is among - if not THE - greatest hurt to humankind that Your wisdom & insight are not being taught in every school over the entire, male-ravaged face of Gaia at this very moment.

For, were this indeed the case, Gaia would be smiling beneath the healing bandages of Your innate, Goddess-given acumen. Alas.