Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Matriarchy Strikes Back

Hey Everyone- I'm back, and have been charged up ever since the Women's March in December. Nothing pleases me more than a worldwide Matriarchal protest that also happens to be the largest national one-day protest in US history to date.

I know these are discouraging times, but this show of solidarity was not in vain. As a direct result of the March, multiple bills and initial administration plans have been reversed over the last few weeks. Most importantly, people across the country are politically and socially engaged more than ever.

However, there is something larger than the current US Presidency happening right now. See, any hope in hell that anyone had regarding the feasibility of Patriarchy is quickly disappearing, leaving everyone to consider what government would look like if the women who showed up at the March ran it.

In fact, many people are confused as to what the Women’s March was all about, since many media sources have reduced this protest to an “anti-Trump” march in an effort to narrow down the message. Meanwhile, those who watched the March itself noticed protester signs which connected a string of apparently related causes, specifically: Women’s Rights, Black Lives Matter, Immigrants Rights, the reality of Climate Change, and that Trump is the antithesis of all of these community and family values.

Interestingly enough, what the Media did NOT report on was the large number of protesters whose signs protested Patriarchy and “toxic masculinity”, as well as the number of signs calling for the establishment of a Matriarchy or expressing Female superiority. Mine was one, of course. In fact, my sign read, “If over 50% of your population is being ignored, then Patriarchy has Failed. Women = Priority. Try a Matriarchy”. It seems a number of people were in agreement with its message, because quite a few actually stopped to take pictures of it, while simultaneously nodding, throughout the March.

I would say that out of all the signs I saw during the 5 hour long, 400,000+ sized NYC Women’s March, approximately one out of every 30 signs tapped into this theme; given the number of signs at the March, this means quite a few of them. This is indicative of a growing zeitgeist.

Which brings me to my next point. The Women’s March didn’t lack focus, and the focus was not Trump. Trump was just a catalyst- just a reminder - of the problem. The common denominator of all issues represented at the March is the underlying structure undergirding all these infringements on human rights. It was not iterated by the Media, nor by most women, because to do so involves iterating the pair of words that are apparently on just about everyone’s mind at this point in time but which might seem too impolitely polarizing to say. This is about Patriarchy vs. Matriarchy.

The march was actually defined by it’s three organizers as not being an anti-Trump march but rather “This is pro-women. This is a continuation of a struggle women have been dealing with for a very long time. " Another organizer said, “It’s about the systemic inequalities highlighted by his rise to power. I like to think about these actions – these marches – as anti-hatred, anti-bigotry and anti-misogyny.” For some reason, men in the media seem to have a difficult time understanding what these women mean, so let me break this down very simply:

“We women all oppose corporate-elitist government decisions. Stop blowing us off. Don’t defy what we want further, like you did by electing Trump, or you won’t ever have sex with a ‘pussy’ again.”

The majority of women in this country oppose corporate-elitist values despite the choices of our government servants; specifically, these women oppose every national policy that places the welfare of a very few over that of the masses. Women have been expressing what they want for policy choices through movements like Feminism, Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, environmental organizations, organizations supportive of immigrants, and similar movements. In response, the male-dominated political machine has been systematically blowing off this political input from women up until now, expressing the ultimate opposition to these values by voting for a quintessential “elitist” for president. Women were simply saying that all of these policy issues are connected by “systematic inequalit(y)”, as well as by being in opposition to what most women want, so they showed their numbers and exposed the blowing-off all of these seemingly separate “issues” as part of the ongoing expression of male-favoritism and female-discrimination our country has become accustomed to.

The limitations of Patriarchy as the socio-political system defining our country’s government and history have been obvious to many citizens for awhile, but they are especially noticeable whenever Patriarchy’s foundational belief in male privilege and elitism intersect with, and are used as justification for, other types of political and social inequities and atrocities, as were protested at the Women’s March. Historically speaking, the problem of Patriarchy has come to light primarily when women take leadership roles in various human-rights movements, then find that their work is sabotaged and their voices ignored by men in their own movement due to the deep intersection of patriarchy with every other form of human exploitation in many cultures. However, the failure of Patriarchy is now becoming widely evident to the American public as they have watched someone who is a product of all these privileges - Trump - secure the highest political position in the country, regardless of the majority’s disillusionment with the influence of corporate-elitist values on social behavior and the economy. And those who initially voted for Trump are slowly changing their minds with each passing day of his administration as they see what the ultimate Patriarchy really looks like.

What you’re watching on the news, in social culture, and in entertainment culture is the slow death of Patriarchy and its corporate-elitist values. Slowly, female solidarity is rising up with its community-based values to take its place, and this is essentially the foundation of matriarchal rule.

So why are women shy about boiling this down to the belief that a Matriarchy would be more successful morally, socially and politically than a Patriarchy? Well, confidence in such beliefs come with time and testing, this March being a test of sorts for women in exercising female leadership. And that went well, so their confidence in their own female-led initiatives has increased, no doubt. I’m sure they will need additional testing of the waters, though, before becoming emboldened Amazons. Additionally, our culture has come to associate social and political “dominance” with elitism, as if elitism is the only way to achieve social dominance, as well as the only reason for it. This is not necessarily the case, as many relationship models demonstrate: parent-child relationships, nurse-patient relationships, teacher-student relationships. Domination can be motivated by altruism, with an end result of unity achieved through equality of welfare. Matriarchies, historical and current, demonstrate this kind of “domination” and succeed at creating non-violent, inclusive, diplomatic and productive societies, featuring - I would argue - just as much if not more great sex between women and men than patriarchies do. They are therefore educational for envisioning and creating a new socio-political structure. I think all Feminists, Womanists, and proponents of worldwide Matriarchy should study them.

What the Women’s March demonstrated was a population of social altruists, asserting dominance - Dominant Social Altruists. United dominance by a collective group with this agenda provides a balance of power to this tide of corporate elitism, preventing it from devouring everything sacred among us. You may ask, how can we achieve a sustained, peaceful society in the face of all the dominant narcissists trying to tear it apart? All I know is, you cannot fight the allure of Elitism with the worldview of Individualism. You must become part of something much greater than yourself.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Why Some Women Make Patriarchal Choices

One of the most disturbing things for many of us during a time like this - a time when a misogynistic biggot is about to take the highest American political office - is not that the majority of his support comes from Ku Klux Klan members, or that his election indicates that approximately 50% of Americans have no problem with his blatant white male- supremacist worldview. No, it's that among the 50% of Americans that voted for him, there are a surprising number of women.

This can come as a huge and disheartening surprise to men who have chosen to kick their male privilege to the curb in order to make room for the rise of a Matriarchal new world order. However, it's not so much of a surprise to us women who have been on the front lines of expressing our Feminist, Matriarchal mindset. We get flack from men and women alike.

Many a man will ask me why (some) women are so especially cruel and evil towards their fellow women. The Boys' Club really has nothing like it; nothing has prepared them for witnessing what life is like on the "outside" of that club, which can quickly degenerate to Lord of the Flies like politics. Well, lucky for you, I spent most of my 20's and 30's digging through an abundance of literature to get to the bottom of one question: Why do some women make very bad, patriarchy-supporting, decisions? -or- Why do a large portion of American women support male dominance at what is quite obviously their own expense?

Quite simply, I believe they are suffering from an epidemic form of Stockholm Syndrome. It's one of the consequences our society suffers from for conforming to patriarchal double standards of punishments and rewards that change depending on a person's gender.

Patriarchy is a system that convinces both men and the women financially dependent on them that women's welfare does not matter. Women in America are in all different phases of waking up from this brainwashing, as are American men. Some of them see through it, and some of them do not.

Women can only help society as effective social leaders once they are liberated from self-effacing behaviors, which patriarchal double standards ingrain in them during their youth, when they are most vulnerable. A woman who is self-effacing is repressing her Feminine instincts, intuition, perception, and any other strengths she has to offer.

However, if you want people to come out of this brainwashing, the way that you do it is to focus on what you can do, rather than on what certain women are not doing for you.

Matriarchy is not a random group of women agreeing to financially, socially, and sexually dominate men for their own benefit. Matriarchy is a mindset - one that is not necessarily shared by people on the basis of their gender. Patriarchy destroys, and one thing it destroys is women being in touch with themselves.

So, men, if you want Matriarchy, you have to foster that mindset by taking a public stand to this effect. Enlightened women will appreciate you for it. Women who still live in patriarchal denial will not.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Assertive Femininity and the New Masculine

Women have been taking leading roles in their relationships with men for a long time, despite the patriarchal structure of modern society. History is full of women leading men in science and engineering, computer development, medicine, humanitarian expeditions, exploration, and social activism (just read the Blanche Black recommended reading list).  And in fact, even though that history was obscured and neglected for many years, due to poor character and discipline among Western Civilization’s rather socially-insulated male scholars, the collective work of female scholars within the Feminist Movement managed to recover a large portion of it for us.

Perhaps one of the most potent demonstrations of women’s abilities as cultural leaders has been the development of the Feminist Movement over the last two centuries. Beginning in the 1860’s over the issue of women’s suffrage, the movement eventually began to address a much broader scale of political and social concerns, all of which were tied together by a common feature: the persistent censorship and repression of women’s self expression and self determination. As it turned out, the cultural female gender identity that had been prescribed for women by their social and professional peers wasn't working for them; rather, it proved to be consistently ineffective in protecting women against exclusion from family and group decision-making, domestic violence, sexual assault, denial of legal recourse, lack of employment opportunities, homelessness, and other depressing topics of discussion.

The Feminist Movement, however, was the collaboration of female thinkers, writers, researchers, academics, intellectuals, and activists who addressed this challenge by redefining society’s cultural and legal understanding of womanhood, redefining women’s concept of their gender role in heterosexual relationships, and changing public policies and laws to protect these developments. These women pioneered the first revision of a cultural gender identity - in a patriarchal and nearly global society - and they did so knowing the “heat” they were going to take for it from insecure men and women. And despite that clearly foreseeable backlash, they expressed their true gender identity anyway. We Feminists continue to do so.

So, there has never been any shortage of women out there leading men.

The reason misogyny and backlash against assertive women is still so widespread is not for lack of women leaders effectively leading. It is for lack of men following women’s lead by coming “out of the closet” regarding their own identification with and admiration for women’s cultural contributions, as well as their desire for a new masculinity – one that compliments the self expression of their newly “liberated” female peers instead of attempting to compete with it.

Men- the intimidation tactics resorted to by those who cleave to the myth of machismo for fear of change is merely an indication that it is time for men to follow in the footsteps of their assertive female peers and have their own gender identity revolution. In many social situations, it is only the example of socially-evolved men, and their increasing success with pleasing women, that makes other men begin to question the necessity, or even usefulness, of using attitudes like egotism and self-centeredness to prove their “maleness” to others.

It is in public that men really show others what their perception of masculinity is. Public behavior, not private life, is what demonstrates whether a man defines his masculinity as complimentary towards a women’s self expression, or dominating towards women. Is a man doing and saying whatever he’s doing and saying to impress other men in the room by attempting to demonstrate a form of power and control over women?  Is he aggrandizing himself and other men in his own eyes, and in the eyes of others, at the expense of the women in his company? Or does he use those moments when others are looking on and listening in to demonstrate a woman’s importance to him, as a man, by making her needs and interests a priority, even over those of his own?

And a man’s concept of his own masculinity determines how much room he allocates in his mind for perceiving and considering women. When it comes to evaluating a man’s potential as a prospective romantic partner, it’s the details of his public persona that tell a woman how he really thinks of her and her gender.

Fortunately for women, the overdevelopment of ego in a man usually shows itself as a subtle yet transparent disregard for others unlike himself. For example, men who engage me in conversation long enough to notice I am confident, independent, and most likely Feminist, often try to pass themselves off as supportive of Feminism and other assertive behavior in women in order to get a date with me. In the course of a lengthy conversation, they are quick to deny interest in porn and readily condemn perpetrators of domestic violence; yet they casually refer to the women in their life with the diminutive term “girl”. They are “all for” women in leadership, yet they are quick to criticize female leaders in the public eye and skeptical of women’s judgment in business and work situations, in contrast to their relatively blind faith in the men that occupy similar positions. They are not familiar with any female pioneers in their fields of interest, and in the midst of a speculative philosophical or scientific statement they blithely refer to the entire human species as “mankind”.

These are the ‘guys’ whose concept of “submission” to a dominant woman consists of lying on their back during the sex act.

These are the type of men that keep the dildo industry in business, simply for purposes of time efficiency.

Women- if you’re dating a guy who opens the door for you, yet fails to offer to carry the heavy backpack and grocery bags you’re carrying, you’re dealing with a self-centered guy. If you’re dating a guy who commonly refers to males over the age of 18 as “men”, yet refers to post-pubescent females with the same word he uses for pre-pubescent females, you’re dating an egotistical guy with the creepy inability to distinguish between age groups when relating to females. Other symptoms of an overdeveloped ego in a man include: interrupting women in mid-sentence; walking in front of his date in public; lack of interest in asking a woman questions about her opinions or livelihood; eating off a woman’s plate in addition to his own during meals; lack of gastro-intestinal control; and lack of grooming, research, and other forms of self-exertion in preparation for dates.

Personally, I’d much rather spend my time with a man who thinks enough of women and their wants to groom himself, in body and in mind, to their liking. What turns me on is a man physically disciplined enough to get his body in beautiful shape in anticipation of pleasing a woman visually, while also being mentally disciplined enough to choose his words wisely; a man who refers to adult females as “women”, in acknowledgement that they have more-than-earned a title that distinguishes them from children; a man who loves sports enough to know who Babe Didrikson and Jackie Mitchell were; a man who is well versed enough in the history of social activism to know who Mother Jones was; a man who would have voted for Victoria Woodhull in 1872 when she ran for president of the United States; a man who knows about the first group of tested and trained American astronauts that made up the Mercury 13 space program, and that they were all women; a man who knows that the inventors of the first computer software program, as well as the first computer language, were also women- along with the inventors of Kelvar, windshield wipers, and the Mars Rover; a man who knows the definition of Feminism and isn’t afraid to use it in front of other men.

Check out this example of masculinity by Jackson Katz, in his TED talk “Violence & Silence” . This is a man who works with men in professional circles, institutions and industries where machismo and a deep misunderstanding of manhood runs high (athletics, law enforcement, the military, college campuses); yet he coaches these men to be affirming and protective of women in order to be effective social leaders for their male peers. His example of appreciation for female leadership and his public demonstration of respect for women should be the official standard for any self-respecting heterosexual man who considers himself a lover of Womanhood. And among the hoards of men he has mentored and influenced there are many others who follow his example and mindset by demonstrating love and appreciation for assertive women in their interactions with other men.

So you can believe there are a lot of men out there redefining the gold-standard for masculinity with their Pro-Feminist worldview and attitude. And there are a growing number of women out there who know enough not to “settle” for any less.

There is a rich history of assertive femininity and female-affirming men out there that has paved the way, as well as a wealth of human activism all around us giving birth to the new manhood; both have been actively censored from academic textbooks and popular media channels by those industries that stand to lose money from the social changes such a collaboration would bring about.  It takes a socially-evolved man to follow in the footsteps of his Feminist female counterparts by reclaiming this stolen heritage, liberating himself from the unsustainable gender identity of machismo, and redefining his cultural gender role towards women to achieve meaningful and authentic relationships with them. Indeed, that is the only type of partner worthy of a “liberated” woman.

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