Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Matriarchy Strikes Back

Hey Everyone- I'm back, and have been charged up ever since the Women's March in December. Nothing pleases me more than a worldwide Matriarchal protest that also happens to be the largest national one-day protest in US history to date.

I know these are discouraging times, but this show of solidarity was not in vain. As a direct result of the March, multiple bills and initial administration plans have been reversed over the last few weeks. Most importantly, people across the country are politically and socially engaged more than ever.

However, there is something larger than the current US Presidency happening right now. See, any hope in hell that anyone had regarding the feasibility of Patriarchy is quickly disappearing, leaving everyone to consider what government would look like if the women who showed up at the March ran it.

In fact, many people are confused as to what the Women’s March was all about, since many media sources have reduced this protest to an “anti-Trump” march in an effort to narrow down the message. Meanwhile, those who watched the March itself noticed protester signs which connected a string of apparently related causes, specifically: Women’s Rights, Black Lives Matter, Immigrants Rights, the reality of Climate Change, and that Trump is the antithesis of all of these community and family values.

Interestingly enough, what the Media did NOT report on was the large number of protesters whose signs protested Patriarchy and “toxic masculinity”, as well as the number of signs calling for the establishment of a Matriarchy or expressing Female superiority. Mine was one, of course. In fact, my sign read, “If over 50% of your population is being ignored, then Patriarchy has Failed. Women = Priority. Try a Matriarchy”. It seems a number of people were in agreement with its message, because quite a few actually stopped to take pictures of it, while simultaneously nodding, throughout the March.

I would say that out of all the signs I saw during the 5 hour long, 400,000+ sized NYC Women’s March, approximately one out of every 30 signs tapped into this theme; given the number of signs at the March, this means quite a few of them. This is indicative of a growing zeitgeist.

Which brings me to my next point. The Women’s March didn’t lack focus, and the focus was not Trump. Trump was just a catalyst- just a reminder - of the problem. The common denominator of all issues represented at the March is the underlying structure undergirding all these infringements on human rights. It was not iterated by the Media, nor by most women, because to do so involves iterating the pair of words that are apparently on just about everyone’s mind at this point in time but which might seem too impolitely polarizing to say. This is about Patriarchy vs. Matriarchy.

The march was actually defined by it’s three organizers as not being an anti-Trump march but rather “This is pro-women. This is a continuation of a struggle women have been dealing with for a very long time. " Another organizer said, “It’s about the systemic inequalities highlighted by his rise to power. I like to think about these actions – these marches – as anti-hatred, anti-bigotry and anti-misogyny.” For some reason, men in the media seem to have a difficult time understanding what these women mean, so let me break this down very simply:

“We women all oppose corporate-elitist government decisions. Stop blowing us off. Don’t defy what we want further, like you did by electing Trump, or you won’t ever have sex with a ‘pussy’ again.”

The majority of women in this country oppose corporate-elitist values despite the choices of our government servants; specifically, these women oppose every national policy that places the welfare of a very few over that of the masses. Women have been expressing what they want for policy choices through movements like Feminism, Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, environmental organizations, organizations supportive of immigrants, and similar movements. In response, the male-dominated political machine has been systematically blowing off this political input from women up until now, expressing the ultimate opposition to these values by voting for a quintessential “elitist” for president. Women were simply saying that all of these policy issues are connected by “systematic inequalit(y)”, as well as by being in opposition to what most women want, so they showed their numbers and exposed the blowing-off all of these seemingly separate “issues” as part of the ongoing expression of male-favoritism and female-discrimination our country has become accustomed to.

The limitations of Patriarchy as the socio-political system defining our country’s government and history have been obvious to many citizens for awhile, but they are especially noticeable whenever Patriarchy’s foundational belief in male privilege and elitism intersect with, and are used as justification for, other types of political and social inequities and atrocities, as were protested at the Women’s March. Historically speaking, the problem of Patriarchy has come to light primarily when women take leadership roles in various human-rights movements, then find that their work is sabotaged and their voices ignored by men in their own movement due to the deep intersection of patriarchy with every other form of human exploitation in many cultures. However, the failure of Patriarchy is now becoming widely evident to the American public as they have watched someone who is a product of all these privileges - Trump - secure the highest political position in the country, regardless of the majority’s disillusionment with the influence of corporate-elitist values on social behavior and the economy. And those who initially voted for Trump are slowly changing their minds with each passing day of his administration as they see what the ultimate Patriarchy really looks like.

What you’re watching on the news, in social culture, and in entertainment culture is the slow death of Patriarchy and its corporate-elitist values. Slowly, female solidarity is rising up with its community-based values to take its place, and this is essentially the foundation of matriarchal rule.

So why are women shy about boiling this down to the belief that a Matriarchy would be more successful morally, socially and politically than a Patriarchy? Well, confidence in such beliefs come with time and testing, this March being a test of sorts for women in exercising female leadership. And that went well, so their confidence in their own female-led initiatives has increased, no doubt. I’m sure they will need additional testing of the waters, though, before becoming emboldened Amazons. Additionally, our culture has come to associate social and political “dominance” with elitism, as if elitism is the only way to achieve social dominance, as well as the only reason for it. This is not necessarily the case, as many relationship models demonstrate: parent-child relationships, nurse-patient relationships, teacher-student relationships. Domination can be motivated by altruism, with an end result of unity achieved through equality of welfare. Matriarchies, historical and current, demonstrate this kind of “domination” and succeed at creating non-violent, inclusive, diplomatic and productive societies, featuring - I would argue - just as much if not more great sex between women and men than patriarchies do. They are therefore educational for envisioning and creating a new socio-political structure. I think all Feminists, Womanists, and proponents of worldwide Matriarchy should study them.

What the Women’s March demonstrated was a population of social altruists, asserting dominance - Dominant Social Altruists. United dominance by a collective group with this agenda provides a balance of power to this tide of corporate elitism, preventing it from devouring everything sacred among us. You may ask, how can we achieve a sustained, peaceful society in the face of all the dominant narcissists trying to tear it apart? All I know is, you cannot fight the allure of Elitism with the worldview of Individualism. You must become part of something much greater than yourself.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Ms Christina, for your insights and thought provoking observations in your report. My main take-away from it is that matriarchy needs to be de-utopianized and understood instead as female leadership—a kind of hegemony (or dominance) that occurring before our very eyes. From that point of view matriarchy is a process rather than an end point or steady state of being.

From what you observe and what I have read I see three things happening. The first is that the increasing educational capacities, willingness to work long hours, ability to network, and rising self-confidence of young women has propelled them into leadership positions in many movements and organizations. Black Lives Matter, for example, was founded by and is largely led by women. The second thing is that these women share both a common gender identity, gender culture, and a common progressive or left political outlook, which allows them to work together with minimal friction, the same way male leaders used to network seamlessly. By working together they are able to unite various struggles and organizations into a single one led by women. Third and finally, the recent outrageous mobilization of toxic masculinity, taking the form of the election of Trump and likeminded reactionaries, has enormously intensified gender conflict, which in turn has mobilized many women who would otherwise have remained apolitical. This conflict is creating a new identity for women, not simply as feminists, but as leaders of men—the men in their movements and their organizations.

As you point out, this new identity is matriarchal, whether verbalized openly as such or not, because it involves not simply a defense against misogyny but a common set of experiences that enable women to lead, shape, and articulate relationships with men. These men in turn experience and eventually take as normal the position of following, taking orders, and accepting as common sense the values and beliefs of women. The women in turn gain greater self-assurance as leaders and are able to go further in asserting a common female outlook redefined as the general interest of the new society to which they are giving birth. In short, matriarchy is arising organically out of the movement against a dying patriarchy, which is flaming out in spectacular fashion.

As you say—and I acknowledge you have made this point again and again—a society of openness, harmony, equality and nonviolence is both compatible and congruent with leadership by Dominant Social Altruists. In very practical terms and right before our eyes, the brotherhood of man has been transmuted into the sisterhood of women, and progressive men are inserting themselves into the new discourse in secondary positions.


Frank said...

I'm glad that you are back teaching and training men and empowering women again, Mistress Christina. The Women's March sounds like it was a lot of fun. There were so many people. It must have been difficult just getting there.
The march sent a strong message to Trump that he better treat women with a lot more respect in the future. He didn't dare say anything derogatory about the march on Twitter like he does everything else.
A woman by herself is a force to be reckoned with, but when she comes together with thousands of other women then they can obtain any goal they desire.
I know it made you happy to see how many other women want a Matriarchal society where women are in authority over men and control the wealth. I believe it is the future of America. I think it will be a gentle and loving domination of men that has their best interests at heart. At least, after they are trained properly.

FLRCandidate said...

Ms. Christina...
Thank you for returning to your blog. Your voice has such resonance and is so needed. I never gave up hope that you would return to once again chronicle the march towards Matriarchy and I am thrilled you have heard the call.

Thank you!
- john

Allison said...

In the process of embarking on a new FLR, I (a 30-year-old cis woman) have found your blog to be an incredible resource. My own psychological wounds kept me from really working with masculine psychology instead of fighting against it (as I suspect many women have experienced), and as a result my past relationships have been enormously disappointing. I tripped over my own desperate need for external validation by pleasing others, so while I had men willing to serve in principle, I couldn't harness and fully occupy my own power. So first and foremost, thank you for your insight and willingness to share wisdom with your sisters-in-arms.

I have been pondering for weeks how women can use our power in some sort of Lysistrata-like coup to change patriarchal behavior and this post perfectly encapsulates my thought process. It is so affirming to feel that someone else understands. Let's keep fighting the good fight!

Blanche Black said...

Great to hear from you, Allison! It's always affirming for me to meet and hear from other women like yourself who are experiencing the same epiphanies and embracing their power. Our numbers are definitely on the rise these days.

FLRCandidate said...

Allison and Ms. Christina... so heartening to read both of your comments. And I could not agree more with Ms. Christina that the number of empowered and in command women is on the rise - and that's a good thing.

- john

Gigi said...


This is a wonderful blog. Thanks for your awesome ideas.

However, there is only one way the blog will ever work beyond just being there. Only one way it will have an impact. That is that you stick to it.

I've known this blog for years as a static blog that should just be erased by now because there is nothing to see - nothing new. I would avoid it. One day I searced for Female Domination or Matriarchy or something-like-that- related blogs with Google's "Only last month" tool and found it, to my surprise. I never would click on it, but I knew it must have something new just because of the filter. And to my surprise, it did.

But you can't wait for the next huge event like Women's march to happen to post anything if you think you will ever help the Matriarchy. You have the potential to help, but you are not doing it if you just disappear. You posted years ago, you posted about a month ago and now you seem to be gone again. Unless you post, then goodbye. Unless you commit to something very easy, which is maybe 10 posts a month (that's nothing, especially if you write them one day and schedule them - and you can have guest authoresses etc.) then goodbye. Not because it's any type of "warning", no, I'm not trying to tell you "you need me and I'm going". I don't mean it that way at all. I'm saying "goodbye" not to me - but to you. Goodbye to your blog's importance. Goodbye to what you want to achieve. Sorry, it's not me. It's that you are gone, and the polite thing to say to someone leaving is exactly "goodbye". I am just trying to be polite, it's your choice.

Anonymous said...

Steve1. You are right.Union make strength. Men and women, who are against this anti human, corrupted elitism must take action and oppose against it all together.Many people were brainwashed by this rotten social political system.In order to make this society peaceful and prosperous,people should unite and take their future in their hands.No one else will do this for you.My regards.

Blanche Black said...

Goodbye, Gigi, and good riddance. Unless you're paying me to blog, or contributing to the blog in a meaningful way (though seems like the first time I'm hearing from you), then your expectations are unfounded. If you can't contribute to blogs like this in a positive way then your input really has no place here.


Blanche Black said...

Nice to hear from you Richard. This transition into Matriarchy seems to be uncharted territory, historically speaking. I've read about matriarchies breaking down into patriarchies under threat of war, as happened to a number of Native American Indian tribes during the European invasion of America; however, I haven't read of instances where the reverse has happened.

I believe that there is a correlation between community development, especially when dependent on women's unique skill set and abilities, and the evolution of Matriarchy. I see this starting to happen all over the world, where women's networks are organizing and providing help to those in crisis where society at large fails to do so. If these women also figure out a way of supporting themselves and those in need financially, independent of men, they could wind up developing alternative societies in the midst of larger empires, much like the Beguines did in Northern Europe in the late middle ages. I gained much inspiration from reading The Wisdom of the Beguines by Laura Swan.

It will be interesting to see how this develops, but antagonism from the American patriarchy is sure to fuel it.

-Ms. Black

Blanche Black said...

John and Frank,

Nice hearing from you both. Women are leading much needed revolution in many areas of the world through networks of women's groups, or community development. It seems that women's leadership is inspired specifically by watching men f**k the economy and society up, moving women to take elements of society over. Here is a great article on women's response to the crisis in Syria, for example:

"It provides an insight into how women in the region are playing a leading role in organizing all areas of life from education and economics to politics and international relations. The group is focused on protecting each other, resisting the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) and building an egalitarian community in the middle of a warzone."